Poison editará el grandes éxitos ‘Double Dose: Ultimate Hits’

Para celebrar su 25 aniversario, lanzará un grandes éxitos doble de 35 canciones, que se llamará ‘Double Dose: Ultimate Hits‘. El material saldrá el 3 de mayo Capitol/EMI.

Entre los temas de la banda de Bret Michaels se incluyen la balada #1 ‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn’, los Top 10 ‘Nothin’ But A Good Time’, ‘Unskinny Bop’ y ‘Something To Believe In’, ay otras como ‘Talk Dirty To Me’, ‘I Want Action’, ‘Your Mama Don’t Dance’, ‘Fallen Angel’, ‘Ride The Wind’ y más.

El track list de ‘Double Dose‘ es (pincha en Seguir Leyendo):

Disc 1

‘Talk Dirty To Me’
‘I Want Action’
‘I Won’t Forget You’
‘Cry Tough’
‘Look What The Cat Dragged In’
‘Nothin’ But A Good Time’
‘Fallen Angel’
‘Every Rose Has Its Thorn’
‘Your Mama Don’t Dance’
‘Unskinny Bop’
‘Rock And Roll All Nite’
‘Ride The Wind’
‘Something To Believe In’
‘Life Goes On’
‘The Last Song’
‘Shooting Star’

Disc 2

‘We’re An American Band’
‘So Tell Me Why’
‘No More Lookin’ Back [live]’
‘Can’t You See’
‘Little Willy’
‘Suffragette City’
‘Look But You Can’t Touch’
‘Until You Suffer Some (Fire And Ice)’
‘Bastard Son Of A Thousand Blues’
‘Lay Your Body Down’
‘Sexual Thing’
‘(Flesh & Blood) Sacrifice’
‘What I Like About You’
‘Love On The Rocks’
‘Face The Hangman’
‘Livin’ For The Minute’
‘Cover Of The Rolling Stone’
‘Poor Boy Blues’

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